Saaf Safai



We’re a creative and hard working company which offers effective, highly professional cleaning services for residential, office, retail, industrial and public sectors. We take pride ourselves in delivering high-quality cleaning service. We’re committed to working in a way which is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Saaf Safai Cleaning Services is one of Vadodara’s premier residential & commercial cleaning services. We ensure that a lasting impression is made by the quality of your business, and we know the first indication of quality is cleanliness.



We are a professional cleaning agency that understands the pressures and demands of the commercial and business markets. We know cleaning; we know the right equipment to use, the correct product and importantly have the desire, track record and positive working attitude to guarantee a perfect job every time. We also know that each cleaning project will require special attention – and that’s how we treat every client – Special.

Saaf Safai is providing professional Residential and commercial cleaning services and ensuring that their premises meet or exceed safety and certification requirements.We at Saaf Safai have always excelled in providing our valuable clients with professional cleaning services. We have a complete set up for all type of cleanings.

We have ability and experienced team and all modern equipments to deep clean we have special focused and dedicated team to maintain your residential, Commercial as well as industrial premises Clean and germs free.



Your home is not just a place of residence, but a piece of art with exquisite interiors showcasing your tastes and personality. When you have spent savings of your lifetime in making your home, it is important to retain its original finish & luster.

Cleanliness of your home can make the difference between health and illness, which reinforces need for periodic cleaning of home.

Spick-N-Span Services will help you in its maintenance by professional cleaning with specialized cleaning equipments & eco-friendly chemicals Professional cleaning will extend life of your upholstery Our trained and trustworthy housekeepers have expertise which your house-maid or kamwali bai doesn’t have And all this at affordable rates!

We are not the cleaners we are the artist, we believe cleaning is an art. We use different types of cleaning materials for different means. Our policy is our Friendly approach. We use latest technology. Our Cleaning Material is Hazardous Free and safe.

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